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Odor Removal

Exterminate the Smells in Your Home

To many, pets are a central member of the family. But they’re animals, after all – animals that come with smells and stains. So when you’re overwhelmed by a pet mess, call Extreme Carpet Cleaning for odor removal services! We erase odors and stains so you and your pets can feel at home again. Using truck-mounted equipment and industrial odor removers, we can quickly refresh your home and make foul smells a thing of the past. No matter your pet or situation, our methods are sure to exceed your expectations for complete satisfaction.

Call 239-634-2012 or fill out our convenient contact form, and we’ll set up an appointment that fits in with your schedule. After assessing your situation, we’ll offer a customized cleaning solution to make your home totally odor-free. We use safe yet effective cleaning solutions that deodorize and treat the affected areas with quick-dry methods so you can get right back to enjoying your home with your pets.

Pet Urine Removal

Every pet owner struggles with messes and accidents from time to time. Whether you’re dealing with potty training a puppy, a sick or elderly pet, or rare messes, Extreme specializes in removing urine stains from your home. Urine requires special cleaners to remove all traces of ammonia, so your pet doesn’t start to think it’s their regular potty spot. Before we begin removal, our IICRC-certified team will assess the area and make a plan depending on the location and severity. Next, we’ll apply industrial cleaners before thoroughly cleaning the area with our truck-mounted equipment. Our techniques remove stains and odors, drying quickly and leaving behind no traces.

Another Accident?

Anyone with pets will undoubtedly require odor removal services at some point. One of the biggest issues with pet messes is the lingering smell and accompanying stains. But did you know that improper cleanup can lead to more problems? For example, pet urine on carpet, rugs, and upholstery can actually degrade and break down the fibers, making the affected areas deteriorate faster. On top of that, the damp environment means that mold and mildew can grow beneath the surface, leading to health problems, carpet or furniture replacement, and mold remediation. Because Extreme uses quick-dry methods that penetrate the fabric’s surface, you can be sure that every trace of the mess is removed while preventing further issues with your belongings.